Choosing the Right Occupational Health and Safety Modules

At Safety Champion Software, we understand that every workplace has unique occupational health and safety (OHS) needs. A construction site faces vastly different risks than a law firm. That’s why we offer a wide range of OHS software modules designed and customised to your industry and operations.

However, with many available options, you might wonder which modules suit your business.  To help you navigate the selection process and ensure you’re investing in the features that will impact your OHS program, see below:

Understanding Your OHS Module Needs

The first step is for the health and safety representative or the organisation’s health and safety committee to conduct a needs assessment. This involves diving deeply into all OHS practices in your workplace to identify potential risks and understand your legal requirements. Here are some key areas to consider:

  • Health and Safety Industry Regulations

Research the specific OHS regulations that apply to your industry and working environment. Different industries have varying safety protocols and reporting obligations.

  • OHS Hazards in the Workplace

Identify the potential occupational health and safety hazards present in your workplace. These could include physical hazards (e.g., working at heights, pollutants, and hazardous materials), biological hazards (e.g., viruses and bacteria), psychological hazards (bullying or harassment in the workplace), or ergonomic hazards (e.g., repetitive strain injuries).

  • Existing Occupational Health Practices

Evaluate your existing OHS program. Are there areas where technology can streamline processes or improve record-keeping?

  • Employee Training Needs

Assess your workforce’s training needs. Do they require basic safety and occupational health awareness training or specialised training for specific tasks or equipment?

Match Your OHS Modules to Your Needs

Once you clearly understand your occupational health needs, you can start exploring the OHS software modules offered by Safety Champion Software. Here’s a breakdown of some of our most popular modules and how they can benefit your business:

  • Incident Management

This module tracks, records, and investigates workplace incidents, facilitating a streamlined safety and occupational health reporting process. It helps identify trends and assists in implementing corrective actions to prevent future incidents. Learn More.

  • Risk Management

This module helps your health and safety committee or health and safety representatives to identify and assess potential risks in your workplace proactively. It allows you to develop and implement control measures to mitigate these risks, ensuring a safer work environment. Learn More.

  • Hazard Reporting

Empower your employees to report safety and occupational health hazards and near misses easily. This will foster a culture of safety awareness and allow your staff and health and safety committee or representative to address potential issues before they escalate into incidents. Learn More.

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Management

You can store and manage Safety Data Sheets for all hazardous materials used in your workplace with this Safety Champion module. It ensures easy access to critical information during emergencies and facilitates regulatory compliance. Learn More.

  • Workplace Health Inspections and Audits

This module helps you schedule, conduct, and document workplace health and safety inspections and audits. It ensures consistent adherence to safety standards and helps health and safety committees identify areas for improvement. Learn More.

  • Health and Safety System Training Management

Simplify the management of employee training programs. Track training completion, identify knowledge gaps, and ensure workers are trained on relevant workplace health and safety procedures. Learn More.

  • Workplace Health Corrective Action Management

Streamlining, assigning, tracking, and verifying corrective actions for identified safety issues is essential. This module ensures timely hazard resolution and promotes a culture of continuous improvement in the workplace. Learn More.

  • Track Work Permits For Risky Occupations and Tasks

This module allows you to manage the issuance of permits for work activities that pose a higher risk of injury to workers. It ensures proper authorisation, adherence to health and safety laws, and safe work practices. Learn More.

Choosing the Right Work Health Combination

The ideal combination of Safety Champion occupational health and safety modules and management system will depend on your needs.  Here are some factors to consider when making your selection:

Company Size:

Smaller businesses may benefit from a core set of safety management system modules, such as Incident Management and Hazard Reporting. Larger companies with more complex operations may require a broader range of safety management system features that comply with safety legislation.

Industry Regulations:

Ensure the modules you choose address your industry’s specific worker training and safety management system compliance requirements.


Set a realistic budget for your OHS software investment. Safety Champion Software offers flexible pricing models to accommodate the legislative obligations and safety requirements of businesses of all sizes.


Consider the future growth of your business and choose modules that can scale with your needs.

Getting Started with Safety Champion Software

Our team at Safety Champion Software is committed to helping you create a safer and healthier work environment for your employees.  We offer a free trial of our software, allowing you to explore features and functionality before you commit.  Our knowledgeable support team is also happy to answer any questions and help you choose the suitable modules for your business.

Implementing a comprehensive OHS software solution is an investment in your employees’ well-being and your business’s success. By choosing the correct modules from Safety Champion Software, you can streamline your OHS processes, improve compliance, and create a safety culture that prioritises your workforce’s health and safety. To book a demo or find out more, contact us here.