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Our Safety Inspection Software gives you full control. Configure inspection, audit or checklist forms to align with your needs. Don’t be forced down “Yes”, “No” or “N/A” answer responses – have freedom of choice with how your workers complete inspections, audits or checklists. Choose from a variety of fields including; comments, photos, attachments, corrective actions, dates and times.


Whilst other software may allow you to do inspections, they often won’t allow you to compare the findings between past inspections. If you can’t identify trends, you can’t get the rich data you need to identify trends. Sure, you’re putting effort in, but it is a little wasted if you’re not maximising the outputs you could be achieving.



Win confidence with your people by building meaningful inspections forms with easily configurable custom fields.







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Maximise engagement by allowing your workers to do inspections, checklists and audits on a phone or tablet, take photo and sign-off with their finger.


Don’t just rely on the findings from the last inspection, checklist or audit completed. Let Safety Champion’s Safety Inspections Software help you identify trends over time, view aggregated results of all inspections completed, or filter to see just what you need and not what you don’t.


Because we allow you to configure the answer response, and allow your workers to insert comments, upload photos, and sign-off’s by finger – Safety Champion’s Inspection Module is a powerful tool that can be used to generated Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), and ensure workers complete Take 5’s or pre-starts on time, everytime.








The challenge

Let’s face it – safety inspections and audits are not high on everyones list of ‘fun things to do at work today’. So with that in mind, it’s easy to see why they may be completed in a lacklustre manner with very little detail that can actually give you the insights you need to improve things.

The solution

Safety Champion’s Inspection Software allows you to build the kind of form that will get the best out of your inspections and audits. They are so simple, and so in line with your needs, that your people won’t struggle to complete them. Rather they’ll find it effortless in comparison to the current way of doing things. Trust us.






Allocate chemical Safety Data Sheets to individual workplaces, so that important chemical related hazard information can be shared with your people for improved safety.


Upload relevant training documentation and certifications, and keep track of upcoming expiry dates so you know your people are properly trained and ready for work.


See how your safety program is progressing with real-time reporting, both on-screen and downloadable!





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