Our powerful safety reporting software allows you to oversee, track and report on the progress of your safety management system, in real time! Harness the power of your data, identifying trends and capturing insights to ultimately improve your safety performance and keep your people safer. All reports accessible both online and downloadable for easy dissemination to the people in your workplace that need to know.




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View trends and capture useful insights based on data from any part of your organisation at the click of a button. Imagine what you could do with that.




Get the data, see the trends, then improve your safety performance

It’s actually quite common for business owners, managing directors and other leaders to feel a little stuck when it comes to safety. Knowing just what to prioritise and what to action when it comes to safety is a challenge.

What’s more, it’s hard to improve on your safety performance when you don’t know what is happening in the first place! For one thing, you need data. Not just any data, but data from your organisation – after all, no two workplaces are the same.

That’s where Safety Champion’s safety reporting software comes in. With Safety Champion you can start to track your own safety performance, see trends, analyse insights and ultimately boost your safety performance to keep your people safer.

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Make incident reporting and investigation an easier process through an easy online reporting form and auto-generated email notifications landing directly in key stakeholder inboxes.


Establish and allocate recurring safety and compliance tasks to individual workplaces, then monitor their progress from the easy-overview dashboard.


Create customised workplace inspections, checklists and audits, then schedule these to ensure that they are completed within identified timeframes.






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