The Safety Champion Impact Assessment allows you to track your impact in safety over time.


From baseline data, the Safety Champion Impact Assessment provides you with scores across four key pillars of safety; Safety Compliance, Leadership in Safety, Control & Delivery, and Awareness & Engagement.



Safety Compliance

How is your organisation tracking with its work health and safety legal compliance duties? *Broadly aligning with the Australian legislative framework.

Leadership in Safety

How well does your leadership team engage in, understand, and support the success of your entire work health and safety management system?

Control & Delivery

How does your organisation control and implement your work health and safety management system, and make meaningful improvements over time?

Awareness & Engagement

How aware of your work health and safety management system are the people in your organisation, and are they engaged?



This tool is highly valuable to any safety manager, business owner, or leader in safety. Track and measure improvements in key metrics for internal purposes and continuous improvement, find the gaps, and provide the evidence you need to progress things forward.




With the Safety Champion Impact Assessment you can

  • Bring safety into greater focus in your workplace
  • Report and share the results with leadership and workers
  • See where you need to make integral shifts in safety in your organisation
  • Demonstrate how your safety practices are working in higher-level terms


How It Works



On sign up with Safety Champion, we’ll run through the Impact Assessment together to establish your baseline data.



Over the next 6-12 months, we’ll complete the assessment again so you can see improvements made in safety.



We’ll check back in on a yearly basis, so you can continually review your metrics and discover new ways to boost your impact using Safety Champion.





Choosing Safety Champion Software as your safety management software solution means you get access to this fantastic safety measurement tool


Along the way, you’ll be guided by the Safety Champion team. We’ll assist you to complete the initial assessment and will provide you with a baseline report. After each subsequent survey completion, we’ll provide you with a comparison report detailing how you are tracking, along with some great recommendations for improving your scores over time. Brilliant.



Reach out to us to learn more about how you can harness Safety Champion and this great tool to push safety to the next level in your workplace with the Safety Champion Impact Assessment.


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