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Our clients will typically fit one (or more) of the profiles below


Our vision is to make safety accessible to everyone. Whilst 65% of our clients have between 11 and 250 employees, our largest client tips the scale at 30,000 employees globally. We provide enterprise functionality, at a cost that won't make you cry.


How we manage customers operating across multiple locations is our 'special sauce'. We support clients with up to 1,000 locations, however do look forward to going bigger! We know others don't do it as efficiently as we do, we'll reduce the administration, not increase it.


Whilst industry agnostic, a large portion of clients come from the following industries: Retail, Manufacturing, Trades, Warehousing, Transport, Agriculture, Healthcare, Childcare, NDIS, Local Government, Hospitality and Professional Services. Not here? Let's 'map it out'.


It's no secret that we were the brainchild of a well established health and safety consultancy. Our roots remain in safety which means that consulting support from our sister-company or our partners allows us to support the tech, whilst they can compliment with the advice.




Who we help


Safety Management is an "add on" to your role. Let Safety Champion guide what activities needs to be undertaken and support you to delegate these to the persons responsible. Allow evidence to be maintained in one place.


Let us support you to effectively implement your safety program. Schedule tasks, streamline incident or hazard reporting, and have real-time access reporting which will allow you to manage strategically by data and establish trends, rather than spitfires and gut-instinct.


Ensure that your legal due-diligence and industrial manslaughter obligations are managed. Safety Champion will provide you with uninterrupted visibility of reported risks and how effectively your Safety Program is implemented.


Our Partner and Referral Programs provide you with the opportunity to add another "tool" to your suite of services. Importantly, our software will help you modernise your advice and offerings, whilst allowing you to also create a new line of revenue.





Don’t complicate things. Make management and delivery of your Health and Safety Program easier with Safety Champion



3 key reasons why Safety Champion Software


Our unique system architecture and code-fee configurability allow you to set Safety Champion up in a way that aligns with your needs. Change dropdowns or build questions, we put the control in your hands. This makes us different to other 'like' products in market. They happily charge you big dollars for configuration updates, we don't.


Designed and continually optimised by our team of work health and safety consultants, Safety Champion will assist you to meet your legislative duties. Safety Champion has been developed specifically to support and guide you to both implement an effective and sustainable safety program; and, manage the records you need, should their be a future need.


We know that not everyone is as tech-savvy as the next. That's why we continue to iterate our UI/UX to make Safety Champion the most user-friendly software in market, with a focus on both the manager and worker user. Our colourful and responsive interface has been designed to engage, whilst our Android & iOS Apps ensure accessibility for all.


safety champion software whs software is available on all devices through responsive design

Safety Champion is a cloud-based health and safety software as a service (SaaS) solution. We help businesses to schedule and communicate the requirements of their health and safety program.

Safety Champion will result in improved implementation of a businesses health and safety program. This supports businesses to manage their legal health and safety obligations.

Operating in the cloud, Safety Champion is accessible via PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Offline access is available via our native iOS and Android Apps. This ensures that your employees can confidently access your health and safety program from anywhere, at any time. This removes any barriers to incident or hazard reporting, or accessing safety documents; supporting improvement to employee productivity.

Allowing your employees to directly access the elements of your health and safety program when they need, will assist your business to more effectively control risk and better manage your health and safety goals.

Real-time notifications and reporting allows data-driven decisions to be made. This helps your business maintain the mantra of “work safe, home safe”.



Much more than great software

Safety Champion has been developed by a team of highly experienced health and safety professionals. In 2015 we set out on a journey to make safety accessible and easier for all people, no matter their expertise. This was in response to the market, where pricing was a prohibitor, and enterprise features were not available to customers of all sizes. We wanted to change that, and have. Today, we have over 1,600 clients, with clients found on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica. So, Antarctica – you’ve heard right, we’re waiting!



Safety Champion’s pre-loaded workflows and templates

Safety Champion software comes pre-loaded with 200+ health and safety document and inspection templates along with 100+ safety plan workflows. These have been developed to complement Safety Champion’s the features and outputs. In addition, consideration has been given to your legal obligations, along with the requirements detailed within relevant International and the Australian / New Zealand standards.

Once a workflow has been created, users will be sent email and push notifications in the lead up to, and on the day that the task is due for completion. If the task has not completed? Yes, escalation notifications can be sent.

If the task is recurrent, once the task has been signed-off, it will be automatically rescheduled in line with the task frequency that was defined at workflow creation.

At sign-off, Safety Champion stores both the user credentials and all of the evidence that is entered and uploaded by user. This evidence may include textual data, images, documents, videos, etc.

Evidence is securely managed, to ensure that the safety work completed by your business, is accessible during an audit, or at the time of a health and safety regulator visit – now, or years into the future.



Why you should consider health and safety software


Put yourself in the best position as a duty holder to meet your workplace health and safety legal obligations.


Save time, effort, and money by creating the operational and administrative efficiencies that come with software.


Make the implementation of your safety management system easier by planning it out, delegating tasks and setting automated email reminders.


Improve safety culture in your workplace by allowing all workers to access Safety Champion, anywhere and anytime.




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