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Our Safety Planning and Compliance Management Software allows you to create and configure safety planning and compliance activities that align with your unique organisational needs. With Safety Champion, you can plan and allocate safety tasks directly to responsible teams, and oversee their progress from the easy overview dashboard. What’s more, aggregated data will assist you to identify trends to boost your safety performance over time.



safety champion safety planning and compliance management softwareMake it easy for your people. You ‘plan it’, they ‘do it’. Then Safety Champion will reschedule it and store the evidence. Leave the administration to us.








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Safety Champion’s safety planning or compliance software lets you create a task simple once and then allocate it to the individual workplaces or departments responsible within your business that must complete the task. Additionally, the system will send automated email reminders to keep your people on track – while you oversee the progress from your dashboard view.


Other safety planning and compliance management software may allow you to schedule tasks, however they often won’t allow you to easily review and compare findings from past performance.Don’t just rely on the findings from the last task completed; identify trends over time, by viewing aggregated results of every time that the task has been completed in the past. Otherwise, filter to view only those tasks that you want to see.


Safety Champion can help you to maximise your safety performance through powerful reporting. This, put simply, helps you keep the people in your workplace safer.





The challenge

The challenge Many businesses have some great practices going on when it comes to safety. The problem comes when those practices are only done well in one part of the business, but not in another or all. Or when those practices are done really well after that safety push from management last year, but they are all but forgotten now.

The solution

We have designed Safety Champion to address these issues head on. Our safety planning and compliance management software allows you to plan, allocate and oversee safety tasks within all levels of your business. What’s more, you can set repeated tasks to reoccur weekly, monthly, yearly, as you need.






Allocate chemical Safety Data Sheets to individual workplaces, so that important chemical related hazard information can be shared with your people for improved safety.


Upload relevant training documentation and certifications, and keep track of upcoming expiry dates so you know your people are properly trained and ready for work.


See how your safety program is progressing with real-time reporting, both on-screen and downloadable!





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