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safety champion ohs or whs software modules and features responsive screenActually, we’re a little different from the rest.


We offer a 100% free software plan – unique in the market. Access to 4 great modules through our free plan, then upgrade to a plan that suits your needs when you’re ready.





Our Modules



Make incident reporting and investigation an easier process through an easy online reporting form and auto-generated email notifications landing directly in key stakeholder inboxes.


Establish and allocate recurring safety and compliance tasks to individual workplaces, then monitor their progress from the easy-overview dashboard.


Create customised workplace inspections, checklists and audits, then schedule these to ensure that they are completed within identified timeframes.


Input, track and monitor all hazards, corrective actions, and workplace improvements until close-off, complete with reminders to keep things moving.


Store worker emergency contact details, training records, worker’s compensation documents, and performance management information all in one place.


Gain access to Safety Champion’s configurable health and safety manual and other templates, and/or manage versions of your own internal policies and procedures.


Allocate chemical Safety Data Sheets to individual workplaces, so that important chemical related hazard information can be shared with your people for improved safety.


Upload relevant training documentation and certifications, and keep track of upcoming expiry dates so you know your people are properly trained and ready for work.


See how your safety program is progressing with real-time reporting, both on-screen and downloadable!


Manage all internal and contractor insurances, registrations, licences and certificates, and be reminded as their expiry dates approach.


Utilise the functionality of our records management modules to easily oversee contractor documentation from one simple location.


This module is currently in development - but is coming soon!

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Our Features



Easily access important health and safety documents, or report hazards and incidents any time, any place. It's all in the cloud baby!


See the system configure itself to display neatly on any device you choose to use; mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. No problems!


Build the system in the way that suits your business best; workflows, templates, forms, naming conventions and interface design.


Rest easy knowing the system uses industry-leading SSL encryption and enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure application servers; Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Set email notifications and reminders to ensure that you don’t forget those important safety tasks ever again. Keep your safety program on track!


Rebrand the look of the system interface with your company colours and logo.


Oversee the progress of your safety program across multiple sites right from your desk using the clean and simple dashboard!


Store all your important health and safety records in one place, where you can access them easily as and when needed.


Feel comfortable and confident knowing that you can contact our support team directly to request assistance.


Load employee records and file notes directly into Safety Champion for future use. You know, that stuff you previously kept in the filing cabinet.


Automatically log in to Safety Champion via your Microsoft Office 365 account. Convenient, isn't it?


Quickly and easily upload data into Safety Champion via one simple step.


Ensure that all system activity and emails are aligned with your date and time, not the date and time of the computer server.


Keep up-to-date with what matters to your business and to the regulators with live social media feeds.


Control exactly what users can see and do within the system, and which emails they receive.


Conveniently allows users to select their preferred language when they are using the system.


Our user-friendly interface and useful features make health and safety easy… and even a little bit of fun!

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Planning & reporting


Guidance and planning

safety champion safety software documents management health and safety manual
Safety Champion can come pre-loaded with a Health and Safety Manual. Our manual and forms address the requirements of the common health and safety standard (AS/NZS 4801:2001 & OHSAS 18001:2007).

If you need to meet health and safety contractor management system requirements, we have catered for a number of these as well!

Copy or Add your own documents, and your health and safety manual is setup! Minutes NOT weeks.


safety champion safety software compliance register safety planning module
Our Safety Plan module will impress! This module allows you to select the preloaded tasks are relevant to your business, and then allocate the selected tasks to individual workplaces as necessary. This will ensure that implementation of your health and safety system is easy!

Do you have workplace specific tasks? No problem – it’s easy for you to create and add these as well!


Copy or Create your tasks, then all you have to do is allocate to a workplace!

Implementation, reporting & visibility

safety champion safety software easy overview dashboard active tasks register
Think of Safety Champion’s dashboard as your active “to-do” list. The dashboard details what needs to be done and reminds workers, contractors and stakeholders by sending emails as deadlines approach.

Once a task is signed-off, the next time this task is due it is automatically scheduled. It’s that easy!

Easily access evidence of all completed tasks, whilst scheduling future tasks so they are visible and not missed!


safety champion safety software reporting module powerful reporting
Is health and safety reporting taking too much time? Not sure what to report? Safety Champion makes that easy to handle. The pre-defined dashboard will provide you with an overview of how your whole health and safety system is performing whenever you need.

Excel reports can be exported from each module. Now you can report “live-data” when and how you want to!


Clear, familiar and easy to monitor.

Looking for a system that can support Human Resources, Quality or Environmental Management as well?

Well, you have found it! Safety Champion is not only a health and safety solution. Based on quality management principles, Safety Champion can be used to manage all recurrent tasks and system documentation within your business. Give us a call to learn more!

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