Oct 08, 2020 by Tom Huber

"... we specifically looked for power at the management level and ease of use for the frontline to encourage uptake ... This has been achieved and more with Safety Champion."
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Tom Huber - HSE Manager
Belectric, Australia

safety champion software logo the fruit box group

Jan 21, 2021 by Andrina Shardlow

"Safety Champion's support and service has been nothing short of remarkable. Cannot speak highly enough of the care and support we have received, so please pass on my thanks to everyone"
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Andrina Shardlow
Landscapes for Life

landscapes for life

Oct 07, 2020 by DAVID PENGILLY

“We really like the visibility you get with Safety Champion.”
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David Pengilly - Business Improvement manager
BAM WINE Logistics, Australia

lubambe copper mine limited safety champion client logo

Sep 04, 2020 by David Vanhelmont

"It helps me a lot to follow our action plans and to report the EHS results to the board of directors"
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David Vanhelmont - EHS Manager
CENEXI-Laboratoires Thissen S.A , Belgium

cenexi logo

Dec 13, 2018 by Susan Limbrick

"Safety Champion has provided the organisation with a streamlined system where all compliance can be appropriately accounted for."
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Susan Limbrick - National WHS Manager
The Fruit Box Group, Melbourne

safety champion software logo the fruit box group

May 2, 2019 by DAVID GORNALLE

“I just ran a test of the software on the Samsung. It works a treat. So happy, looks great, feels great and works so fast.”
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David Gornalle - SHE Consultant at Lubambe Copper Mine, Zambia

lubambe copper mine limited safety champion client logo

Oct 15, 2018 by Marion Ferguson

“In some areas there’s been a real joy in having a system to keep track of things!”
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Marion Ferguson - HR Business Partner
Matthews Australasia

safety champion client testimonial matthews australasia

Jan 29, 2019 by ROBERT WHITESIDE

“Safety Champion is held in the highest regard by our senior leadership.”
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Robert Whiteside - HSEQ Manager
Eureka Landscapes, QLD

safety champion software client logo Eureka Landscapes
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91% of our customers say that they actively recommend Safety Champion to their professional peers.

(Source: Safety Champion Customer Survey 2019)



Where Safety Champion differs from the rest out there, is that we’re not only intuitive cloud-based software, but we’re also health and safety professionals ourselves. What this means for you, is that you can feel confident that the software has been built in line with the legislative framework, helping you to stay in compliance with the law and meet your duties. Not only this, but we are also there should you need any assistance in safety beyond our software. Our consultants can help guide you towards excellence in safety, as you need.

What’s more, you can rest assured knowing that we don’t just lump the software on you and run. We take time up front to make sure the system works for you and your business. Our implementation team will work with your through your focus areas and build the system to suit. Then, on an ongoing basis you have access to our tech support, our Resource Centre packed full of ‘how-to’ manuals and videos, and our monthly master class webinars. Plus, we are only ever a phone call away! You’re fully supported with Safety Champion.


Brett F.
Brett F.
Effective Safety Management System ☺The introduction of the system into our operations provided a user friendly platform which in itself is a major win for our organisation. Encouraging all staff to actively participate in enhancing the safety performance of the organisation. ☹Although very satisfied with the modules within the system that we are currently utilising, I believe the platform would be enhanced by linking the Chemical module directly to a SDS database such as Chemwatch or similar.
Tom H.
Tom H.
Excellent product ☺When we investigated the options for an online safety system for our people, we specifically looked for power at the management level and ease of use for the frontline to encourage uptake. This has been achieved and more with Safety Champion. It also helps that it is at a reasonable price point and local customer backup is all in place. ☹There are features that are yet to be offered, but we can definitely see the improvements coming through at a good pace.
david p.
david p.
Safety Champion ☺We really like the visibility you get with Safety Champion it helps with focusing on our safety and ease of setting up regular checks , it also has some standard templates that can be used The mobile phone app is great ☹The reporting is very basic and user friendly
David V.
David V.
How to become champion in safety using Safety Champion software I use the trial version and it helps me a lot to follow our incidents / accidents and the following action plans and to report the EHS results to the board of directors ☺Easy to use Reporting tool (graphical views) ☹One option is missing in "Type of Incident": hazard / dangerous situation
Costa V.
Costa V.
Brilliant OH&S Software ☺Easy to use. Very friendly customer support who help when I don't understand how features work. ☹Hard to say. I really enjoy using the software.
Matt N.
Matt N.
Great software - happy with it for sure ☺It was the only product we found that gave us the full package we were after, at a price that we were comfortable with. Love it. ☹Can't really think of anything. It's all pretty good.
Zarah M.
Zarah M.
Easy reminder system I am a sole practitioner dietetics consultant. Safety Champion has provided me with a simple way of generating reminders for repeat tasks + it has allowed me to maintain patient records in a format that is simple and secure, which allows me to access the records anywhere and at anytime. ☺Allows me to access records on my phone anywhere and anytime I need. ☹None at this stage.
Angela S.
Angela S.
Highly functional with a great user experience. We are a boutique multi-disciplinary creative studio, specialising in the design of furniture, wayfinding and customer experience strategies. As a growing consultancy, software functionality was our initial consideration as we were looking to establish efficiency in how we work. This said, a lot of the software options we looked at provided the functionality that we needed. The primary reason we selected Safety Champion, was because of the clean and easy to use dashboard - it made training our staff simple. Importantly for us, Safety Champion's User Interface is more modern and also looked nicer, when compared to many of the other compliance and reminder solutions we looked at. A couple of months in and we have had no problems at all.
Craig S.
Craig S.
A class above other Safety and Compliance Solutions As a safety consultancy, I wanted to establish a best-practice solution to support and drive our internal health and safety program. In our role as a consultancy, we have had exposure to a number of safety systems. Most often, the safety systems we have been exposed to required a stakeholder to manage the implementation of the software solution, and/or spend significant time using the solution to understand where things are and how the software works. Safety Champion, is different - it has been developed with the observations we made in mind. It is easy to set up and allows all of our consultants with ready access to our safety program. Since we implemented Safety Champion, both incident and hazard reporting has increased. Workers advise that it is due to them being able to enter this information directly into the app, without having to look for "the form" that they previously used and then "sending the form on". Safety Champion is worth a close look if you are looking for a solution that is simple to use. I have enjoyed the transition across to Safety Champion from paper, as it has been a very visible way for Action OHS Consulting to demonstrate to our workers, sub-contractors and suppliers that we have adopted a best practice approach with our safety management. If these people are confident that we are serious about safety, then our workplace will be a safer environment for our workers, or those involved with our workplace. ☺I love how simple Safety Champion is to use. The direction we need is located on the dashboard. As a manager, I have visibility of our overall performance and importantly now have confidence in the reports that we run. Previously, we would save data in Excel, our registers were often riddled with errors from either data entry or people not saving/adding data as required. Significant time was wasted in cross-checking data. ☹There are no negatives from our experience so far.
Paul K.
Paul K.
Simple to use software, that allows our workers access OHS documents when working at client sites. We were looking for a web solution that would allow our tradesmen and women to access safety documents such as SWMSs and Operating Procedures when working at client sites. In addition, we wanted a system to ensure that there was a simple way workers could report incidents and hazards, to allow these to be tracked by management. When looking at web software, Safety Champion had the modules that we required and was identified by our team as the simplest solution to navigate. ☺It's simplicity. We are able to upload documents and these documents are controlled. When looking for a solution, we did not consider how obsolete documents would be managed. Safety Champion saves all historical versions when a document is superseded, however it also allows us to archive documents that are no longer used within our workplace. ☹Maybe not a "con", however, there have been some difficulties with workers remembering their password. Computer literacy is high at our workplace so we are currently looking at ways to support this!






Watch this video to hear from one of our customers directly.











Make incident reporting and investigation an easier process through an easy online reporting form and auto-generated email notifications landing directly in key stakeholder inboxes.


Establish and allocate recurring safety and compliance tasks to individual workplaces, then monitor their progress from the easy-overview dashboard.


Create customised workplace inspections, checklists and audits, then schedule these to ensure that they are completed within identified timeframes.


Share important documents with workers, contractors, and others, and request acknowledgement of receipt. Handy for inductions, contractor management, and capturing completion information.


Keep your team up-to-date with the latest news, announcements, and important information, by configuring your own virtual safety notice board.


Our workplace or site attendance register is specially designed for your COVID-19 workplace response. Launching soon - stay tuned.


Manage all internal and contractor insurances, registrations, licences and certificates, and be reminded as their expiry dates approach.


Utilise the functionality of our records management modules to easily oversee contractor documentation from one simple location.


Provide appropriate mental health and wellbeing content and link in with your EAP service (or ours!) in one neat location to build a mentally healthier workplace.


Allocate chemical Safety Data Sheets to individual workplaces, so that important chemical related hazard information can be shared with your people for improved safety.


Upload relevant training documentation and certifications, and keep track of upcoming expiry dates so you know your people are properly trained and ready for work.


See how your safety program is progressing with real-time reporting, both on-screen and downloadable!


Input, track and monitor all hazards, corrective actions, and workplace improvements until close-off, complete with reminders to keep things moving.


Store worker emergency contact details, training records, worker’s compensation documents, and performance management information all in one place.


Gain access to Safety Champion’s configurable health and safety manual and other templates, and/or manage versions of your own internal policies and procedures.




Watch this video for a quick overview of the benefits and features of Safety Champion.




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