Championing our Partners – Women in Safety and Business

The Power and Potential of Women in Safety and Business

On the day (month) that turns the spotlight on the remarkable contributions of women across the globe, we channel our focus towards a niche yet pivotal domain — the safety industry.

Expertise, empathy, and empowerment create a unique ecosystem where women are leading the charge with innovation and compassion. This article seeks to celebrate our partners and amplify the voices of these trailblazers. Their stories are testaments to resilience, and their insights are a source of inspiration for both womankind and the world at large.

The Conscience of the Workforce

George Howe and Ashlee Russell from Howe & Russell portray women as the “conscience of the workforce,” revered multitaskers who apply practicality with grace and confidence. Their approach to safety management transcends gender stigmas, reflecting adaptability and enjoyment in the clients they serve. George and Ash speak fondly of their ability to shift seamlessly across diverse industries, reforming the notion that safety is a one-size-fits-all sector.

Empowering Other Women

Their commitment doesn’t end with their clients. George and Ashlee firmly believe in lifting, encouraging, and referring other women within their industry. Networking and sharing tools are not just about business development; it’s about acknowledging the thirst for knowledge and a passion for change and identifying the unmistakable grit and resilience that form the foundation of women’s role in safety.

A Journey Rooted in Partnership

Their business partnership was battle-tested during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Managing a sizable hospital staff, they demonstrated their ability to seamlessly deliver essential services in trying times. The leap to entrepreneurship came naturally, respecting each other’s uniqueness, valuing laughter, and developing a client network that feels like family.

Unacceptable Standards and Stirring Hope

Amy Ashton, from Ashton Safety Health Environment, shares more sobering insights about the gender-specific hurdles she and others in her role have faced. From inappropriate advances to undermining competence, these roadblocks are remnants of an outdated mindset. Yet, Amy draws strength from these experiences to foster change. Her commitment to creating a supportive culture within the company showcases the resolve and empowerment that can inspire women and men to elevate industry standards.

Advocating for Equity

Amy hopes that addressing unacceptable behaviour head-on will inspire others to voice their experience and advocate equitably for the skills and expertise women bring to the industry. Her call is for initiatives going beyond lip service to actions that construct environments of equality and respect.

Fostering Inclusivity Through Holistic Approaches

Kate Quinlan at Complete HSEQ Solutions speaks on women-owned safety businesses’ unique value— holistic, far-sighted approaches to safety challenges. By promoting inclusive environments and emphasizing collaborative efforts, women contribute significant advancements to health and safety landscapes historically marked by singular perspectives.

Kate goes further than words, coaching, mentoring and championing women in the safety industry. Saying, “By sharing my experiences, insights, and knowledge, I can help them develop the necessary skills and competencies to succeed.”

“Additionally, I am committed to advancing gender equality within my workplace. I take a proactive approach to diversity within my business and ensure that our hiring practices are inclusive and equitable.”

Celebrating Women as Safety Innovators

As we showcase the narratives of George, Ash, Amy, and Katie, we’re not just recounting success stories. We are vouching for a philosophy that recognizes the indispensable role women assume in challenging, enhancing, and humanizing the industry of safety.

This International Women’s Day, we don’t just celebrate the ascent of women in safety; we reaffirm our commitment to their invaluable perspectives, to the culture of mentorship and camaraderie they nurture, and to the continued effort to make this industry a beacon of diversity, equity, and unwavering courage.

Your dedication elevates our industry, and for that, we thank you.