Build a safer workplace with data analytics

No matter what type of industry you are in, data quality should always be a priority. The ‘cleaner’ and more accurate the data, the better the reporting and analytics which in turn will provide accurate insights into safety trends in your organisation.

When it comes to data and analytics, there are some great and not-so-great ways to go about it.

Reduce the ‘human element’

Relying on paper records to support data analytics can be risky and time consuming. Paper-based solutions or spreadsheets can be tricky things to manage. Multiple users and relying on people to manually input information can result in errors and inconsistencies in the data set, and the subsequent reports.

There is also the time factor. Think hours spent rummaging through filing-cabinets, chasing up staff by phone or email to submit their reports… It sounds like a laborious process that could easily be avoided.

Thankfully, technology is here to help.

Cloud-based safety software like Safety Champion reduces the ‘human element’, and delivers a more efficient way to meet your legal obligations to monitor workplace risks by creating clear, real-time oversight across your whole safety program.

Enabling all your employees to interact with a simple-to-use online software system makes it easier for them (and we love happy workers!) to provide the information you need but it also increases that quality and quantity of data we are looking for – and a central location to find it all.

Good data = great outcomes

Once you have good data, Data Analytics Software can play a huge part in understanding trends and outliers. When data is visualised well, it helps to tell a story by highlighting the useful information in a form that’s easier to understand. Understanding this information is critical to ensuring you are spending your time, money and resources in the areas that will really help increase the safety of your people.

Powerful data and analytic tools will show you exactly where you stand on workplace health and safety. Safety Champion’s Data Analytics Module effectively visualises your data via customisable, interactive dashboards – identify user behaviour, understand how your workforce interacts with the system, and importantly, make informed data-driven decisions on visible trends.

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