We’re offline!

But it’s not what you think! This isn’t a system upgrade. Our software is still up and running 24/7, as usual. But we’re pleased to say, we are the kind of offline that some businesses out there really need when it comes to safety.


These days, it’s all about being online; bringing your business processes online, and staying online 24/7. It’s certainly true that more and more businesses come to us wanting to shift their safety processes online, so they can experience all the benefits that come with it. (And there are many, of course; access to your full safety system anywhere any time, capacity to share information, worldwide, instantaneously, etc., etc.)


But there are times when offline functionality is pretty important too. Times when your workforce may not have access to mobile data, or wifi. You know, those times when your phone doesn’t have a signal? This may be associated with work in remote locations, or just times where there is an unstable internet connection. Additionally, it may be times where the signal is just dead, and we are all sure to be familiar with some of those spots! In short, not having a signal, is more frequent than we realise (or would like to accept).


So, that’s why we ensured that the Safety Champion Mobile App works offline, not just online.


So, that’s why we ensured that the Safety Champion Mobile App works offline, not just online. We wanted to ensure that all Safety Champion users can report incidents or hazards, conduct inspections, find or “do” JSA’s or SWMS, and access procedures, manuals or Safety Data Sheet’s at the time they need, rather than being a servant to the signal. It works like this:


  • Offline functionality allows the user of the Safety Champion App to access and use all functions without a signal, a network or wifi connectivity.
  • The user can input data or information into the app – such as reporting a hazard (including taking a photo) – just as an online user can.
  • When the user comes back online, all the information and attachments are automatically uploaded into Safety Champion.


Pretty neat, hey? We think so. ;0)


So, whilst being online brings great things for your business (and ours), offline access is also important. So your workforce can have ready access to your safety program at all times.


We advocate hard for bringing your safety process online and doing this with Safety Champion. Why? Because we want everyone to be safer at work, and we know that improved systems deliver this. But we also understand that sometimes, it’s not all about online, online, online. We know that there will be times that you worker will not have a signal, or may not have easy access to mobile-data or wifi. Rather than saying “too bad”, we built Safety Champion to support these occasions.


Need offline functionality? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. The Safety Champion Mobile App is available from the Google Play Store, or through your Safety Champion consultant.

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What on earth is a near miss? And why should I care…


To make this terminology slightly more accessible – a ‘near miss’ could simply be called a ‘close call.’ It’s any time that someone in your workplace might have narrowly avoided injury or harm. Sounds like an ok outcome, right? An injury avoided! Great, let’s get on with our work. But actually near misses are worth a closer look.


It may sound laborious and you are probably thinking, ‘Of course, the health and safety people want to investigate that near miss further.’ Perhaps you think this may be a waste of time, effort and money. After all, no one was hurt. But actually near misses – from a safety management perspective – are gold. Why? Well, not only did no one get hurt (yay!) but they are also brilliant opportunities to learn about the hazards and risks in your workplace.



What’s our advice about how to use near miss data?


Essentially, as a business owner or a manager, you are trying to create a workplace that means your people will go home every night happy, healthy and in tact. This means, you need to recognise possible hazards and reduce the risk of injury and harm. So, it’s worthwhile starting to look at near misses as great indications of what hazards need to be addressed to improve safety in your workplace.


Start to build a culture of reporting near misses. If near misses are reported and then properly addressed, you are doing your job to protect the health and safety of your people.


It’s also important to note here that an organisation may be prosecuted in the case of a near miss. Yes, this can be the case even when no one has been injured. Why? Well, in some cases it may be deemed negligent of an organisation to have exposed people to risk – whether the likelihood of that risk is high or low. So, even more incentive to get your people in the habit of reporting near misses.


So how can you promote and improve your near miss reporting?


  • Explicitly ask your workers at team meetings of near misses or close calls that they have been involved with, and
  • Make ‘near miss’ reporting clear, simple and easy! Not sure how? Consider implementing a health and safety software program like Safety Champion. Safety Champion will allow workers to report near misses, and ensure that these are communicated to key stakeholders in the business to manage.


Once you start to get workers reporting ‘near misses’, don’t forget to establish controls to ensure that the likelihood of the ‘event’ occurring again in the future is reduced. Once you have reduced the potential impact of the hazard, then, you are doing your job – and doing it really well. See – near miss data is awesome and can really help you build a stronger safety management system.

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