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    Transport Safety Management Software

Every link in the supply chain should be free from accidents and hazards. However, the transport and logistics industry has many risks and potential dangers. Transporting and logistics involve handling and moving hazardous materials like fuel and mixtures of substances, pure chemicals, manufactured products or things that can threaten the life and health of people, animals or the environment.

Managers face significant responsibilities to ensure proper procedures are followed to ensure these materials are properly loaded, transported and off-loaded and stored, or things can go terribly wrong. This is why the transport and logistics industry uses transport safety software by Safety Champion to reduce risk, ensure compliance, safely deliver products and services and help protect drivers, storemen and packers and everyone involved.

Transport Safety Management Software

Without transport safety management software processes are slower which ultimately affects productivity. To improve your transport and logistics business processes you need the benefits of an integrated logistics and transportation software solution like Safety Champion on your side.

Using our software means nothing is left to chance. Our proven transport safety software helps you identify and manage safety risks to health, plant and equipment, the environment, and human resources (HR). Don’t get left behind in this highly competitive industry. Unless you stay up-to-date and find areas where you can improve your business, your company will lag behind your competitors.

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If You Can’t See a Problem, You Can’t Fix it

With Safety Champion transport safety management software available across Australia, you can improve supply chain visibility. Using our immediate incident and hazard reporting system for your team, you can identify troubling trends that may need improvement. You can also encourage your workers and uplift them when their processes go beyond benchmarks.

Transport Online Safety Systems

Transport safety software helps you avoid hefty government fines and penalties and makes sure you are compliant at all times. And should one of your drivers notice a problem en route or if something goes wrong with their truck? Safety Champion transport online safety systems software allows the driver to record hazards, near-misses, or other incidents in detail, fast, right there on the spot on their mobile app.

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OHS Software For Transport

Best practice Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) for workers in transport and logistics companies is of the utmost importance as they cart often dangerous items across the country and internationally. The industry is competitive, and unless managers seek continuous improvement in their work practices they will be left behind.

OHS Management Software for Transport

Your employees’ and customers’ safety and health depend on your process and your premises, trucks and other plant and equipment being safe and hazard-free. Protect your workers, clients, your brand, your fleet and your premises with OHS management software for transport. Using our Champion Safety software can keep your business running smoothly, track audits, inspections, training, and certification while making a profit, and keep employees and clients safe and happy.


WHS Software For Transport

Our team at Safety Champion has built the world’s most intuitive cloud-based workplace health and safety (WHS) management software for transport that can change safety culture for the better. Our software can drive transport and logistics worker leadership and participation in maintaining a safer work environment.

Our innovative WHS software for transport makes it simple and accessible so your company can reduce the risk of safety incidents, workplace injuries and compensation claims. Our software can help to create a safety culture among workers and managers of transport companies and across the entire organisation.

WHS Management Software for Transport

Managing and maintaining your plant and equipment, your workers’ training, qualifications and registrations needed to drive the trucks and operate machinery is vital, especially in the logistics industry. How can online WHS safety systems resolve issues?

All facets of compliance are now easy to manage with online WHS management software for transport by:

  • Making safety accessible due to our cloud-based transport safety system that can be used anywhere with an internet connection to carry out a risk assessment, hazardous substances and safety performance checks.
  • Making safety simple since workers can log in to the system and click on a button to open the “To-Do List” and know exactly what needs to be done.
  • Managing truck and other vehicle fleets with their maintenance and servicing and schedules using transport safety management online.
  • Keeping records of daily inspections and “fit for duty”, plus managing employees’ qualifications and training needs, inductions and more.



Why You Should Use Safety Champion Online Transport Safety Software

The risks are many in the transport and logistics industry, but our online software saves you time, money and effort and places you in the best position to manage and meet your legal workplace health and safety compliance obligations.

Your health and safety documents, safety training manuals, safety data sheets, and safety reports plus your contractors, and transport clients’ details are easily accessible. With cloud-based online transport safety software, you will increase employee safety, and incident management, maintain better employee engagement, contractor management, digital forms, operational excellence and much more.

Contact us today to help streamline your health and safety management system with a cloud-based solution for your transport and logistics company for higher profits and safer workplaces.



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