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Without the logistics industry, goods would never reach their destination. Logistics is an umbrella term for the supply chain processes involved in moving goods from a seller to a buyer or internally. The complexities involved in logistics are tremendous and can require workers to have university degrees and certifications.

Safety Champion safety management software designed by our experts has proven invaluable in the logistics industry where success depends on attention to multiple details. These include Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) tasks, contractor compliance, hazard reporting, workplace health and safety practices, safety processes and risk assessments and management.

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Logistics Safety Management Software is Key

Logistics safety software can save businesses and managers time and effort, helping to maintain continuous improvement and keep things humming. Safety Champion logistics safety management software is an online tool designed for your industry and it can streamline many things including OHS, and WHS.

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Online Logistics Safety Management System Software Points to Consider

There are many more considerations to take into account in the logistics industry apart from OHS and WHS. There are different rules for packaging that is recyclable, refrigeration, maintenance and record keeping. It is extremely important that logistics teams have the ability and accessibility to follow things like maintenance schedules which can prevent issues like refrigerators failing and spoiling food items.

OHS Management Software for Logistics

OHS in the transport and logistics sector is crucial to maintain since these companies transport goods, dangerous items and hazardous substances all over Australia and internationally. There are a number of risks as workers operate various kinds of heavy vehicles under all kinds of circumstances.

Safety Champion online software can help you stay on track with maintenance, record keeping, OHS, employee training and certification. It can also help create a health and safety culture within logistics companies that foster a safer environment.


WHS Software for Logistics

To maintain the safety compliance, safety reporting and legal obligations of logistics managers regarding workers and drivers, your delivery processes should have an appropriate transport safety management system in place. At Safety Champion, we can provide your logistics business with the tools to keep track of WHS measures, legislation and certification.

We can deliver customisable compliance software for a WHS program that is appropriate for your business and that serves its purpose of creating a safety culture in your workplace. This will help to identify any areas that are not needed and those that may be necessary for a strong safety culture.

We Keep Developing New & Innovative Safety Software

Safety Champion’s online cloud-based safety software can supply everything you need from an OHS and WHS management perspective and foster safety programs to improve workplace safety. We are always fine-tuning and developing our safety management and logistics software to stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements to make sure your transport and logistics operators are safe.


Safety Champion Works on All Devices

At Safety Champion, we provide online logistics safety management software, Australia-wide in all industries, including logistics. Our technology has been developed as a system for companies to keep employees, contractors and customers safe, and it works on all devices, on and off-line.

This means the management of everything from a safety perspective in your logistics company is no longer bound to the confines of a computer or even where you’re working. Whether you have one employee or many employees, they can all take part in your online safety management platform on their tablet, laptop, smartphone or desktop computer.




Safety Champion is an Australian company and we are continually evolving. If you want to know more about our recent releases or what’s in store  for the future, you can contact us to find out more, or choose our 14-day trial to try it out for yourself.



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