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Our safety program is now streamlined and in order. Data is easy to access and track… plus accountability can be assigned.

Natasha Adams , Head of Store Development


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The best way to streamline and simplify WHS management.

Do safety the easier way with Safety Champion WHS software. Consolidate your safety tasks, documents, and evidence into one central platform. There’s no need for messy paperwork or repeated reminders to your team anymore. Simply plan and assign tasks in Safety Champion and watch your WHS performance improve. Plus you can easily manage safety across multiple locations or teams with our unique system architecture.

A full and comprehensive WHS solution with value-add benefits

We offer more than intuitive WHS software. With Safety Champion you get access to a suite of safety documents, workflows, and templates to copy and configure the way you need. Plus we are qualified health and safety professionals so you can be sure that the system has been designed in accordance with relevant legislation and standards for better compliance. Of course, if you need expert advice about how to boost your WHS performance, our WHS consultants are here to help.