Instead of a ‘parma for a farmer‘, how bout some ‘karma for a farmer’?


Over the years we’ve done a considerable amount of safety work with farmers around Australia – through Safety Champion and our sister organisation, Action OHS Consulting.


But since a lot farmers have been struggling throughout the drought, we thought we’d do a little something to help them out.


So, for every new software signup in the months of October and November 2018, we will send $100 directly to Buy a Bale.


$100 buys a bay of hay or another much-needed resource.


Go on – sign up to Safety Champion today and get some karma for a farmer.



Buy a Bale are supporting Aussie farmers and rural communities throughout Australia with their drought appeal campaign. This campaign is providing meaningful support for farmers by delivering hay and other essential items to farmers who have no feed left for their cattle. All donations to Buy a Bale’s drought assistance campaign provide tangible resources to drought affected communities including stock feed, money, & volunteers.




For more information about this promo, please contact us. We’re keen to chat!

Email us: hello@safetychampion.com.au

Call us: 1300 1 CHAMP | 1300 1 24267


Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels